Goji berries

Grade,Size and Uses
180-280  pcs/50g
180-280 pcs/50g
300-380  pcs/50g
300-380 pcs/50g
<  500     pcs/50g
< 500 pcs/50g
Grade,Size and Uses

Goji berries

Goji berry contains rich natural carrot carotene , vitamin C, protein of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, betaine, linoleic acid and iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrition , plays the role of calming the nerves, improving the eyesight, nourishing kidney, moistening lung, protecting liver and against tumours.

Storage Condition

Store in original packaging in a cool and dry place, protect from moisture, insects and rodens. Away from direct sunlight and excessive heat as well as odorous materials.

Max humidity 60%

Max temperature 10℃

The shelf life can be12 months if store in an ideal condition.




Goji berry is perennially economic bush crops which are drought resistant, barren tolerance and salt tolerance. Economic age is 15 years. Goji berry loves strong sunlight and no strict request on the soil, which can be sowed in loam soil, sand soil and barren saline-alkali soil.


Goji berry is mature between June and October. Artificial picking by batches, expose in the sun, remove the fruit handle when the flesh is watery, and then completely dry.


Packing for Bulk&Shelflife
Nutrition Values


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