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Recruitment post

QA supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain the present sale channels and develop the new clients in the USA

2. complete all sales volume target,

3. analysis the local market, and support the sales strategy making by Parents Company in China

4. keeping contact with Sales Manager


1. Three years working experience in Food business or related business

2. Experience in sales position

3. Excel skill is a must, necessary

4. Well learning capacity. Strong Analyzing, Summarizing & Mathematical Ability, Good Communication skill

5. Development will

6. Ability to work under pressure, interested in sales, or marketing.


Leading municipal agricultural enterprise in Tianjin

We are dedicated food ingredients manufacturer of seeds, nuts & dried fruits etc. specialized on pumpkin kernels. Our products majorly supplied to bakery & cereal industry,
into supermarket in retail package, in the formats of snacks or traditional Chinese medicine for health care. Throughout the years, we now have three of our own registered brands and a patent for “a process technique to prolong the shelf life of pumpkin kernel products” Our Products exports North Europe, West Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan etc. regions. Over the years, we have established and maintained a steady supplier-customer relationship with tens of internationally
recognized Food enterprises. In 2003, we had registered our independent sales office with warehouse in Hamburg.