Holiday Notice of Sping Festival 2017

Aug 27, 2016

Please note that our company will be closed from 25th Jan. to 6th Feb. 2017 for the Spring Festival 2017 (Chinese New Year) The CIQ and Customs usually have longer holiday. If our honored customers would like to place the oder during this time, please take this holiday into your consideration.


Leading municipal agricultural enterprise in Tianjin

We are dedicated food ingredients manufacturer of seeds, nuts & dried fruits etc. specialized on pumpkin kernels. Our products majorly supplied to bakery & cereal industry,
into supermarket in retail package, in the formats of snacks or traditional Chinese medicine for health care. Throughout the years, we now have three of our own registered brands and a patent for “a process technique to prolong the shelf life of pumpkin kernel products” Our Products exports North Europe, West Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan etc. regions. Over the years, we have established and maintained a steady supplier-customer relationship with tens of internationally
recognized Food enterprises. In 2003, we had registered our independent sales office with warehouse in Hamburg.